Learning about Wells Fargo Loan Modification Terms and Requirements

Published: 16th July 2009
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Homeowners who face financial crises might be eligible for receiving lower mortgage payments with their Wells Fargo loans. If you have been unable to sell your home or refinance due to poor credit or decreased home property value, this might be able to help. Fortunately, good credit and home equity are not required to apply. And if you have been late on your mortgage payments, you will not be disqualified. It might sound too good to be true, but it's not! Right now, the Federal government is trying to help as many homeowners as they can be able to get back on track. They realize people are hurting, some more than others. The only drawback is that not everyone who applies for the plans will qualify, and even those who do might not receive a workout loan either. But here's how to understand Wells Fargo's basic terms and requirements, so you can improve your chances and get started today in the application process.

Wells Fargo needs proof of your financial hardship that has caused you to be behind on your mortgage. Of course, there are many factors to cause this ' job losses, medical or credit card debt, divorce, etc. are just some of the most common reasons. You will also need to state your reasons in a letter and submit it with your application. In order to be approved by your lenders, your letter must be convincing, showing why your loan should be altered. Successfully doing these things will result in gaining your lender's favor, and they will be more willing to help you.

In your letter to Wells Fargo, you must prove that with a loan modification, your existing monthly expenses and your mortgage payments would all be paid monthly, without your defaulting on your mortgage again. This is done by including a financial statement, citing your income and expenses on a monthly basis. Here is where you need to pay careful attention to what you include on your financial statement, as any unnecessary expenses will be scrutinized and might hurt your chances of obtaining the new loan. Wells Fargo will want to see that you are serious about taking whatever measures you can to stay in your home.

Terms vary by program. Under the Home Affordable Plan, homeowners who qualify receive an interest rate of 2% and an increased loan term to 40 years. Wells Fargo receives a payment from the bank for each modified loan accepted, so this particular plan might be easier to obtain than you think, if you meet the guidelines.

Completing your paperwork is by far the most important step to the application process. Without following all the directions and advice on improving your chances of being granted a loan modification, you will most likely be rejected. It is up to you to take action and be responsible for what you can do to stay in your home. Doing as much as you can in advance, being as thorough as possible, and staying on top of the process, are all things you should easily be able to accomplish when trying to get a loan modification. Armed with all those basics, you are ready to apply.

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